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{August 27, 2012}   Lessons Miss Connie taught me

Yesterday was CC’s funeral and I didn’t break down until I was already back home in the shower. I will miss that wise ole bird’s company as she had missed mine when I quit working there. Our souls were connected, these 29 and 85 year old. It’s like we would tap into each other’s brain and one would call the other every time. I was never her student growing up but I was her student as an adult. I never took a minute of dance class, but she was my hero once she was in my care.

She taught me so much about life and how to see oneself in a light that would shine on ones crowning moments as well as dimmer moments. She taught me to take it all in stride and face it head on wearing ballet shoes, Chanel No. 5, and a big smile! She was a headstrong, warm, caring, open, yet private person. She taught me that just b/c a woman is all of the above qualities does not mean she is not a lady. “A true lady doesn’t back down. A true lady will get what she wants, by any means necessary, and come out smelling like Chanel.” (Everything was about Chanel No. 5)

She taught me to never deny my mistakes or shortcomings. She made numerous mistakes, as we all do, but I don’t think she was ever scandalized by those mistakes. She kept her head held high, admitted them, and moved on with dignity and grace. She would say to admit and then move past it. She said to truly move past things and to not bring them up again unless you’re teaching someone or explaining how the lesson changed you for the better.

She taught me that sometimes marriage is a mistake. She was married twice when she was younger. She would talk about how both of her ex husbands were wonderful men, and that she loved them both dearly, but that she was just not marriage material. She was too independent to play the role of wife for too long. All she ever wanted in life was to dance and to teach others to dance. She danced all over the country as well as overseas and marriage wouldn’t allow that as “no self respecting man should have to follow his wife all over watching her fulfill her dreams while squashing his”. I understand and respect that fact. She took care of her mother, aunt, and her career. She gave so much to so many people that a husband was more of a bother or nuisance than a partner. CC told me she was on good terms with both of her ex husbands when they divorced and remained close friends with them until they each passed away. To me, that’s real love. Having someone who is your best friend, with whom you can share your intermost feelings, wants, wishes, and desires, whether you can make a marriage work with them or not, is true love. This is one of the most valuable lessons Miss Connie taught me.

I’m so thankful I got to see her one more time and that she saw me truly happy. I know it bothered her when I was hurt or concerned about my future, though she never really let it show. She would always tell me “Chin up girlie. You’re going to do fine. You and that baby will be fine.” Some days I believed her, others not so much. I knew she was correct though b/c CC never made life blunders. (I smile as I’m typing this because I know no written word will every do CC justice.) Good ole CC. I will love you more than I could ever describe and miss you more than you know. Farewell CC. May you forever be dancing amonst the stars, tapping and twirling your way through eternity.

Love always, Your Babyheart!


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