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{August 3, 2012}   Wave bye-bye to being crafty

I’m not crafty. I don’t like this fact. I used to be. I would like to be again but it’s just not happening. I used to be very crafty and resourceful. I got it from my mom. I swear, she can take anything and turn it into a masterpiece. It’s quite annoying for me. I’m hoping my daughter possesses this trait b/c it will definitely come in hand for her as she ages.

I used to be like mom though. I could make a cute skirt out of neck ties I got from a garage sale. Give me empty shoe boxes and I’d have mini shadow box before lunch. I could see, and execute perfectly, the trash to treasures. Now, I can see the possibilities, but the execution just ain’t comin!

It all started when I had a car wreck in late 2004 which resulted a cracked skull brain swelling and bleeding, and many other damaged organs, broken bones, etc. After what was considered a total rehabilitation, I learned I am no longer a crafty person. I cannot make cutsie little skirts, hair bows, wall ornaments, decorations, ect. anymore. I didn’t really notice I had lost my abilities until recently when I decided to make a craft box for my 3 1/2 year old. Mommy couldn’t even remember how to use a loom…That’s a problem for me!!!

I also have learned that my cooking on the fly, which was awesome, has eluded me as well. I have to actually sit down and concentrate on what I want to make. I am currently writing a list of substitutions that I will have to place on the inside of a cabinet b/c I just can’t remember them anymore. Things that used to come naturally to me just…*poof* gone! I don’t remember what half of the ingredients are in most things I used to cook on a regular basis. This generally leads to my extreme frustration resulting in meals that originated from a box with a glove on the outside. Now that I’m somewhat domesticated with this whole marriage, cooking is something I’m doing more and more of. With my first marriage, we ate out all the time. “Why dirty up a perfectly good kitchen when you can just go to the restaurant and not have to clean?”,  was our motto. I don’t have the money to be doing that now.

I will get better at this though. I don’t want to have lost everything I used to be good at. I am cooking more, even if it is from cookbooks and recipe cards. I am on pinterest all the time printing out how-to instructions for different things. So, maybe, I will be crafty again….It will happen, dammit!!



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