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Wow! It’s been a long while since I last posted, but life gets in the way. I pushed my journaling aside for far too long and now, I just have to start it back up so I can retain my sanity and not catch a case.

Yes, I am a happily married woman. No, my relationship is not conventional. Yes, I like it the way it is. No, it’s not your place to tell me where I’m going wrong in my marriage. My husband and I have a very secure marriage, but we aren’t so self centered that we believe we can fulfill each other 100% of the time. We live a poly lifestyle. We enjoy it. It works for us. This doesn’t diminish our love for each other. It doesn’t mean we don’t trust each other. Trust me, it takes more trust than most people realize to have this lifestyle. We have a full disclosure policy. He knows what I do and I know what he does.

That being said, my outside relationships do not typically have a thing to do with sex. Sometimes they do but, for the most part, they do not. I have had emotional ties to people intellectually, mentally, spiritually, and, yes, physically. On the rare occurrences that things are physical, that is no one’s business but mine, my husband, and the other person involved. It is not for anyone else to pass judgement, though a lot of people will and do. If I choose to sleep with a dozen men in one night, as long as my husband is okay with it, then shut up about it. It’s our dynamic, not yours. I will continue to have relationships until my husband and I decide it’s not for us any longer.

I love and I love hard. I don’t say “I love you” to just anyone, so when I say it, I fully mean it. I do not sleep with people I don’t love on some level. So, for everyone else who says “Oh, she just sleeps with whoever” you can all shut the hell up and mind you own damn business.

Ok, that is all. Rant over.


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