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{July 25, 2012}   Adventures in Mommy land-We really do pay for our raisings, I guess.

To all the mothers out there who I’ve judged for not being able to handle their kids, I’M SORRY!!! I used to criticize (in my mind, of course.) mothers who would say “I just can’t handle these kids!” and things of the like. I would think that if you can’t handle a child then why have them and why continue to have children. After all, my sister had 3 kids and I handle them quite well, if I do say so myself. We are buddies. If I can handle someone else’s kids surely I could handle my own. “What’s so hard about handling a 3 year old?”, I thought. After all you pop in a movie, throw some toys, crayons and coloring books on the floor, and let them have at it while you do your thing, right?

WRONG! There is so much more to it. Apparently, kids that don’t belong to you will always listen better than those that do. My daughter is 3 1/2 and it’s like I’m invisible to her. I can tell her to stop doing something and it falls on deaf ears. My sister can tell her and she hops to attention.

Everyday that I’m home, it seems as though my daughter and I have it out. It’s a struggle to get her to pick up her toys, to not strow things all over the house, and to pick up her little games she gets out. Oh, and forget this whole “Get one thing out at a time. When you’re done with this game or this thing, put it back up before getting out something else”. That just doesn’t work on my kid! She has inherited my family’s stubbornness which is passed down from my daddy’s father’s side. She will stand firm on her own no matter the consequence. Later on, as an adult, that will be a shining quality depending on how she uses it, but now, as a 3 year old, it’s just defiance to the 10th power!

She does get disciplined, mind you. We’ve run the gammut from telling her “No” and explaining why she should or shouldn’t do somethin, having time-out, taking away toys (including but not limited to, stuffed animals, dress up clothes, things on her walls, her TV cartoons), spanking, and her “square”. Of all these punishments, her square worked the best. Her square is just that-a taped off square in the middle of her floor just big enough for her to stand in. She must stand there, hands down, and stare at a small square on her wall which is also marked with blue tape, for an allotted time. The time varies depending on the severity of the offense, though it’s rare that she has to stand there for longer than 10 minutes. One time though, my husband got busy doing something else and forgot that he had put her in said square until he walked past her bedroom several several minutes later! She isn’t allowed to talk, play, or get out of the square except for going to the restroom. Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It is basically just another form of time out and standing in the corner except instead of a corner, it’s the middle of the room. The square worked for about 6 months and now is losing it’s effectiveness.

So now, I’m trying to figure out something new that will work for her. Wish me luck! Until next time…B


SodStar says:

Yeah, good luck with that. My girl is four and she sounds JUST LIKE yours! I’ve never seen a more hard headed child in my life!! I should have known, though…my little monsterette has given me hell from conception! lol

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